Elected Unopposed – time for the paperwork

In the end, just enough people stood for the right number of seats in the Ivybridge Town Council elections. Because of that, there won’t be an election (as there isn’t anyone to chose between).

I must admit it feels very strange to be taking on a (minor) ‘public office’ without having been ‘to the vote’, but I guess this re-emphasises my basic concern that people just don’t seem interested in any of it.

I console myself with the vain hope that if I do the job well, then at least I’ll have a sense of accomplishment. If I mess it up – then maybe, just maybe, it will motivate someone with more talent than myself to step forward and have a shot at it.

Either way here’s a tiny glimpse into the exciting world of Local Government… the paperwork begins.

I need to get the following together in the next day or so…

  • Declaration of Acceptance of Office (& witnessed by the Town Clerk)
  • General Notice of Registerable Interest (although a new form maybe issued soon)
  • Contact Details Form (so that the council, and the public can contact me)
  • Select the Training Courses I think I should go on
  • Select the Committee’s I’d like to be on
  • Consider if there’s any Outside Organisations I’d like to be a representative for.
So I’d better get on with that then.