My first town council meeting

Well Monday night was the first Town Council meeting I have attended as a Councillor. All of the other Councillors and Town Council staff were very friendly and helpful and put me at my ease. Luckily I had already met most of them at least to shake hands with.

I found the meeting itself (sitting up the front) less daunting than I had thought it might be. There is plenty of paperwork to shuffle through and the pace is reasonably fast. But I think I held my own and didn’t get left behind 🙂

In terms of reporting back what happened, most of it was the official (legal) business of getting the ‘new’ council to exist properly, there was a vote for the new Mayor, a vote for the new Deputy Major, then everyone considered who should be on what committees. I’m down to be on the Watermark Committee and the Governance Committee which both meet monthly, and the Emergency Working Group which meets every 6 months. So more on those as I learn it myself!

To be honest I was so busy keeping up that I haven’t much more to report in terms of what happened. Suffice to say that the main big items were:

  1. County Councillor Croad matched Ivybridge Town Councils ÂŁ20,000 Localism fund with a further ÂŁ20,000 from his locality budget. This is fantastic news for the charities that ‘pitched’ for funding at last Monday’s public participation event.
  2. An event is being planned in Victoria Park on Friday 10th June to bring everyone together to have a great evening and discuss the anti-social behavior issues that have been occurring in the park there. I don’t know much about this yet, but will find out more and post about it when I do.
So all in all – I survived my first official duty as a Town Councillor and have to say I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the Committees and learning more.

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