Taking on WordPress software development work

I’ve been doing many and varied things over the last 3 years down here in Devon, most of it has involved software development in some form or another, and more than 50% of that has involved WordPress.

Now WordPress and I fell out a couple of years ago. I was (and still am) managing many installations of it, but despite doing everything humanly possible to lock it down, I had several episodes of hackers injecting phishing pages onto sites which cost me many unhappy hours to clean-up. I’ve always kept the sites as up to date as possible, but plugins inevitably lag behind which can preclude updating immediately.

Anyway – things have changed significantly over the last year or so. I have been increasingly impressed with WordPress and can say hand-on-heart I haven’t heard about a single site hack (to my knowledge!) in over 12 months on my or anyone I know’s sites.

The stability and security is a fantastic step forward, and with the releases since V3 it has become, more and more, a platform on which I’ve enjoyed developing.

What I’ve realised recently is, that a significant portion of our income is now coming either directly or indirectly from WordPress, and where-as before that would have worried me, now I find it quite exciting.

So I’ve taken the decision to actively position the Software / Web side of the business directly toward WordPress.

I’ve tested this by doing some freelance work on People Per Hour for the last few weeks focused exclusively on WordPress, and have been pleasantly surprised to discover there is enough WordPress development work on there to keep me very busy.

Now that I’ve proved to myself that the field is so active, and now I’m happy that the environment is stable, I’m going to dedicate a significant portion of the business time and money into developing WordPress plugins and doing bespoke and semi-bespoke software development for WordPress.

The work we’ve been doing recently has been so diverse it’s been a fascinating process and I’ve been able to work with some seriously interesting people.


For example, when Paul from AutoRaceSponsor.co.uk gave us 5 out of 5 stars, he left this feedback for


Dave is great operator – seriously talented in my view. Understands concepts up front and communicates solutions with great clarity and visualization prior to going ahead with code that delivers!

It’s nice to know the efforts are appreciated 🙂

So if you, or someone you know, needs a website to work ‘just-so’, then we’d be happy to develop a solution to your problem at a modest rate with great quality and fantastic service. http://www.davelopware.com/