Cheap sausages

Almost forgot to blog today – well it’s technically tomorrow already, but I’m not asleep yet, so let’s pretend.

Sausages. We had sausages in baps tonight for dinner with dry fried onions.

It was all a bit last minute though, and Debs (my better half) just brought a packet of sausages from our local Co-op.

Now I’ve been working from a shared office above a really good butchers since January, and it’s been very easy to get brilliant fresh sausages from them. (and the best lean streak mince ever too!)

But you don’t realise how good, good meat is, until you go back to the old cheap supermarket dross. And when I say cheap I mean cheap ingredients, because the actual cost of the sausages is virtually the same anyway.

So support your local butcher and revel in the taste of their sausages. Reject mass produced crappy food.