About Dave Amphlett

I’m a middle aged guy, married with two kids, who grew up in South Devon.

I worked my way through University in London working for British Aerospace in Bristol learning all about electronics.

Then I followed my true passion and became a freelance software developer.  Based in London, I wrote trading software for banks in London, France, Germany, Switzerland, New York and Tokyo.

In 1994 Debra, a Marketing Executive working in Oxford, captured my heart the moment I met her. Within a year she’d moved in with me in London, and after 6 years together we were married.

In 2002 and 2003, our boys Joseph and Matthew were born, and my outlook on life changed. Although Debra and I had enjoyed our lifestyle in London, we’d always felt a gap in our lives, missing our Costal/Rural upbringings. We hankered for the sea.

So after a few years of saving and planning, we moved to Ivybridge in Devon. Now we, and most importantly our boys, can enjoy growing up in one of the greatest places in the world.

I still write software, but now for myself! My brother Mark and I started Just Trade Websites in 2010. We help Trades Businesses market themselves to their local customers by creating great websites and doing wonderfully clever things with Local SEO. And my wife and I are promoting Shopping Locally with the first in what we hope will be a family of websites: http://www.ShopLocalNewtonAbbot.co.uk/

As for me personally – most people describe me as a geek, although I like to think I can hold a conversation with people without freaking them out too much.

That said, I do absolutely love writing software (have since I was 11 years old), and I’m fascinated by robotics, rocketry, sci-fi and most other classically ‘geeky’ things, but that’s just me. I embrace my inner geek.

Politically I’m can’t say I have a strong affiliation with any particular party. But I do believe strongly in:

  • …being courteous and respectful,
  • …shopping locally (and nurturing local communities),
  • …working & earning by creating value in other peoples lives,
  • …doing something to make it right rather than moaning about it being wrong,
  • …saving up before I buy things,
  • …assuming other people are well intentioned, but being prepared in case they aren’t,
  • …investing in the future

I support Cancer Research UK, because they fund research based upon the impact cancer has on peoples lives, not on how much money a potential cancer treatment can make for a Company. But it goes beyond affecting cancer treatments. Much of the research in Cancer is key to understanding the fundamental mechanisms our bodies cells work by. Understanding this has the best chance of revolutionising medicine in almost every respect. So for me, it’s the best balance between helping people suffering in the near term, whilst laying the foundations for changing billions of peoples lives in the long-term.

And don’t even get me started on how it builds our ability to master nano-technology and the potential improvements that can bring to man-kind as a whole!